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City of Los Angeles will need 500,000 additional Housing Units by 2029

>>Southern California Projected Housing Goals : 2021-2029



>>CalHFA’s ADU Grant Program — provides up to $40,000 in assistance to reimburse homeowners for predevelopment costs necessary to build and occupy an ADU.

  • Potential State Grants and Financial Incentives for ADUs 

    • >>CalHome Program — State funds to local public agencies and nonprofit corporations for first-time homebuyer mortgage assistance including a home purchase with an ADU or JADU; owner-occupied rehabilitation assistance including rehabilitation of ADUs or JADUs; ADU/JADU assistance including construction, repair, and reconstruction; and homeownership development project loans including predevelopment and carrying costs during construction related to ADUs and JADUs (HCD CalHome program)

    • >>Local Early Action Planning (LEAP) Grants — State grants to local jurisdictions including eligible partnerships for housing planning, and developing or improving an ADU ordinance in compliance with Section 65852.2 of the Government Code (HCD LEAP program)

    • >>Local Housing Trust Fund (LHTF) Program — Matching funds to local and regional housing trust funds. Funds may also be used for the construction, conversion, repair, reconstruction or rehabilitation of ADUs or JADUs (HCD LHTF program)

    • >>Regional Early Action Planning (REAP) Grants — Grants to council of governments (COGs) and other regional entities for activities relating to housing planning and activities including establishing Prohousing Policies such as adopting ADU ordinances or other mechanisms that reduce barriers for property owners to create ADUs (HCD REAP program)

    • >>SB 2 Planning Grants — Grants to local governments including eligible partnerships for housing planning and to encourage ADUs and other innovative building types through ordinances, outreach, fee waivers, pre-approved plans, website zoning clearance assistance, and other homeowner tools or finance tools (HCD SB2 program)

    • >>Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) — Federal funds allocated to non-entitlement jurisdictions, and non-entitlement jurisdictions that partner with non-federally recognized Native American communities for community development activities including single- and multi-family rehabilitation and potential local ADU rehabilitation and planning programs. Applicants must be income qualified in low- to moderate-income households for rehabilitation and areas for planning. Contact your local jurisdictions for more information.

    • >>AHSC Program [Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities] — $2.5 Billion invested / 15,324 Affordable homes constructed. Look to partner with developers of affordable and mixed-income housing

  • Other Potential Grants and Financial Incentives for ADUs 



California's 2023 Housing Laws: What You Need to Know >>LINK

Latest laws CA pertaining to Housing

Mayor Bass (LA) applauds city council’s move to accelerate and reduce the cost of building affordable housing >>LINK

Mayor – to expedite and decrease cost of building zoning – compliant affordable and temporary housing projects

[ Executive Directive 1 >>LINK ]

Overview: >>LINK

Implementation Guidelines for Executive Directive 1_Expedition of Permits and clearances for Temporary Shelters and Affordable Housing Types: >>LINK


Accessory Dwelling Unit Guidelines for Every City in Los Angeles >>LINK

ADU Guidelines/Codes per city in LA

New ADU funding laws effective January 1, 2021

The California Health and Safety Code (HSC), Section 65583(c)(7), requires that cities and counties develop a plan that incentivizes and promotes the creation of ADUs that can be offered at affordable rent for very-low to moderate-income households. 


As recapped below, >>HCD (California Department of Housing and Community Development) has developed a list of existing state grants and financial incentives in connection with the expenses for the planning, construction and operation of an ADU with affordable rent for very low to moderate- income households. 



L.A. City Council adopts plan to build 500,000 new homes by 2029 | Urbanize LA >>LINK 

200,000 units (Affordable Housing Intended)


Housing Element Update | FAQ | Los Angeles City Planning >>LINK 

456,643 living units (184,721 affordable) accommodated by 2021-2029 Housing Element 


Housing Element Update - Rezoning Program >>LINK 

90,000 new homes in Unincorporated areas - County of Los Angeles


Housing Element 2021-2029 DRAFT Targeted Amendments >>LINK 

2022 - Housing Element Annual Progress Report >>LINK

33,420 : Total Units to Date

423,223 : Total Units Remaining

New study suggests major reforms needed to meet LA housing production goals - CBS Los Angeles >>LINK 

450,000 living unit goal in Los Angeles by 2029

83,865 units produced / 9,000 units added annually from 2010-2019

57,000 units a year until 2029 to complete goal

SoCal Has To Plan For 1.3 Million New Homes. But Where Should They Go? | LAist >>LINK 

430,000 new homes by 2029 planned by SCAG (SoCAL Association of Governments)

1.3 million housing units ordered to triple above amount by State housing officials 

More housing near coast (where jobs are) located near transit lines/major job centers


‘Granny flats’ play surprising role in easing California’s housing woes - The Washington Post >>LINK 

ADU’s social, economic, and community benefits.

23,000 ADU permits issued in CA last year (2022):

 7,160 ADU permits issued in LA & 662 in SD


It’s Been a Home for Decades, but Legal Only a Few Months - The New York Times >>LINK 

10 million LA residents - at least 200,000 informal living units.

Tackling the Housing Crisis: Streamlining to Increase Housing Production in Los Angeles >>LINK 

456,643 new housing goal for CA from 2021 - 2029 (RHNA) [~57,000 annually]

83,865 new living units from 2010-2019 [~9,000 annually]

60% of Multi Fam projects issued permits [~1,413 days avg process]

71,532 of 120,213 units finished [~1,784 days avg per unit] 

~549 days avg for approval [Mixed Income Housing projects took longer]

LA Mayor Karen Bass; executes directive to accelerate production of affordable housing; limiting number of days projects spends in review

Adequate sites for housing >>LINK

Overview of progress to reach 456,643 units by 2029


You Do ADU, Part 1: Thousands of Californians are building ADUs. Should you? >>LINK

Possible reasons/needs for why you to build an ADU


You Do ADU, Part 2: How to pay for your ADU >>ARTICLE LINK

Casita Coalition’s ADU Finance Guide for Homeowners >>LINK

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development_Housing Counseling Services >>LINK

You Do ADU, Part 3: Coming up with a plan >>LINK

You Do ADU, Part 4: Finding the right contractor >>LINK


Long Beach offers up $12.7 million loan pot to help fund affordable housing development – Press Telegram >>LINK  

26,502 new housing goal for next 8 years in LB per State requirements [RHNA]


What Long Beach’s plan to build 26,500 new units means for existing housing >>LINK 

Single family neighborhoods can largely maintain their character

More construction in high density areas could help bring down housing prices

Long Beach Housing Element - >>FAQs 

Long Beach CA Real Estate Market Update July 2023 >>LINK 

$922,500 - Single Family Home (Down 3% from 7/22)

$507,500 - Condo (down 9% from 7/22) 


Long Beach housing outlook for 2023 likely a mixed bag, officials say >>LINK 

$6.1 million in funding for 2 new affordable projects

Five Takeaways from the Latest Long Beach Housing Element >>LINK 

26,502 new housing units tasked to Long Beach by RHNA 

11,000 must be set aside for Lower Income Housing 


‘We can always do better’: Long Beach continues to fall short on housing development, especially affordable units >>LINK 


Orange Coast College/UCI enters Solar Decathalon Competition with Cold Form Steel ADU  >>LINK 

OC SUSTAINABILITY DECATHLON| Oct 5-8 & 12-15 | OC Fairgrounds, Costa Mesa, CA >>LINK

teamMADE (@teammadeoc) Instagram account >>LINK

Orange Coast College : FrameCAD Steel Production, Certificate of Specialization  >>LINK

Orange Coast College : FrameCAD Steel Design, Certificate of Specialization  >>LINK

Orange County Sustainability Decathalon   >>LINK

teamMADE-OC | Team: Modular Affordable Dwellings for the Environment - Orange County ( >>LINK

HOUSING ELEMENT UPDATE 2021-2029 | OC Development Services California >>LINK 

10,406 units : 2021-2029_ proposed by County of Orange RHNA  


City of Anaheim 2021-2029 Housing Element Update Fact Sheet & FAQs >>LINK 

17,453 new housing Goal for City of Anaheim

City of Santa Ana_General Plan Housing Element update 2021-2029 >>LINK 

3,095 new housing Goal for City of Santa Ana

City of Costa Mesa Housing Element 2021-2029 >>LINK

11,760 new housing Goal for City of Costa Mesa

Ambitious city housing proposal identifies over 30,000 potential new units  >>LINK 

13,209 new housing goal for City of Fullerton tasked by RHNA

30,000 possible new housing units with Fullerton Housing Element :  

Surplus Land Act / ADU & JADU / Housing Incentive Opportunity Zone / Religious Institution Properties 

California Sues Huntington Beach for Violating State Housing Laws  >>LINK 

13,209 new housing goal for City of Fullerton tasked by RHNA

30,000 possible new housing units with Fullerton Housing Element :  

Surplus Land Act / ADU & JADU / Housing Incentive Opportunity Zone / Religious Institution Properties 

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